TXU Energy Rates

by Donny on May 21, 2009

Comparing Electric Rates with TXU Energy

If you have been shopping for an affordable electric rate you may have checked out TXU Energy rates only to discover that their prices are much higher than quite a few other Texas electric companies. Another problem is that TXU Energy rates usually require a deposit if you do not meet their credit score requirement. TXU’s electric rates are not the worst available priced plan but they definitely are not even close to being the cheapest. It is important to choose an energy provider that has good customer service and accurate billing. TXU currently has an accurate billing system and their customer service is easy to get in touch with when calling them on the phone. There are several other Texas electric companies we believe match TXU Energy in regards to customer service and accurate billing. Since you have several other choices that match TXU Energy on customer service and billing you only have to decide if you want a lower electric rate than what TXU Energy is offering.

TXU or Bounce Energy?

For many Texans this debate on whether to switch from TXU Energy after their TXU electricity contract ends has already been settled. Many have switched from TXU to a lower priced electric rate. If you would like to additionally avoid a electric service deposit you will find a unique plan with a company by the name of Bounce Energy. Their phone number is listed at the top of this page and you can learn more about Bounce Energy’s electric rates by visiting their page below. They used to offer a no deposit plan although this is no longer available any longer. Bounce will check your credit and give you a no deposit or low deposit choice based on what your credit shows.

Bounce No Deposit Electricity Plan is no longer available

One of Bounce’s electricity rate plans rewarded a customer who may have had a low credit score by putting them on Bounce’s cheapest available electric rate plan. If a bad credit customer paid their bill on time the first 3 months they also could be put on the cheapest plan. Unfortunately this Fresh Start plan is no longer a choice. Their strategy was to take a high risk customer and convert them to a good paying customer by rewarding them with a cheaper electric rate. When people chose Bounce Energy as their Texas electric company they could achieve a cheaper electric rate than what TXU Energy rates were priced at and could avoid a deposit. This is no longer a plan but base on credit you can still get a low price with Bounce Energy. Although the guaranteed no deposit electricity plan is no longer an option with Bounce Energy you still have other choices based on credit.

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