TXU Energy asking for Large Deposit

by Donny on April 10, 2009

Many people have called us explaining that their apartment or the previous tenant told them to call TXU Energy to have their electric service turned on in their name. They recently purchased a home or are renting an apartment and so they call TXU Energy only to then be asked for a large deposit. Sometimes the deposit amounts we have heard of have been as large as $400. Not all of these people had the worst possible credit score but of course it wasn’t great either. This type of deposit is not uncommon among most electricity providers.

If you are one of these people that have been asked by TXU Energy or another provider to come up with an outrageous deposit amount to have electricity service turned on in your name then we want to make the recommendation that you try a no deposit guaranteed electricity plan. At this time however Bounce has discontinued their no deposit rate plan. This old rate plan Bounce Energy once offered would have gotten your electricity service turned on in your name without the worry that you will have to save up for a large electricity deposit. We are currently recommending Bounce Energy for their standard electricity rate plans based on credit. They will check your credit and based on what they find you may still qualify for a no or low deposit plan. You can call an energy consultant at 1-800-971-4020 and learn more about their electricity plans and if you want a fixed or variable rate.

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