No Deposit Electricity Choices in Houston

by Donny on April 10, 2009

Quick Move in Needed for Houston Apartment

If you live in Houston and or are moving into a new home or apartment it is critical that you pick an electricity company that can turn your electricity on in your name quickly. Your apartment in Houston probably requires that you get the electricity service turned on ASAP in order to guarantee you will have no interruption in service.

Some Houston electricity companies promise they will get you turned on right away but then they fail you on credit and you end up having your electric service switch canceled. If you had told the apartment landlord that you had the electric service switched into your name they probably proceeded to call Centerpoint Energy or their electric provider to have the service disconnected in their name. If they put a turn off request in before you put a turn on request in you will have no power for a few days.

Don’t Let Your Power Get Turned Off by Signing up With the Wrong Electric Provider

The point of this article is to make sure this scenario does not happen to you when moving into a Houston Texas apartment or home. Your electricity service switch or move in request needs to be approved right away so you know for sure that electric service will be turned on in your name. We did have a plan available with Bounce Energy called the Express Move Plan that offered a no deposit option. Unfortunately the no deposit aspect to this plan has been discontinued likely because of too many low credit score customers defaulting on their first month electric bill.

Until we have a guaranteed no deposit electric company in Houston to go with I encourage you to call this number: 1-866-945-8937. Our energy consultants can help in getting you assistance by contacting the department of health and human services. The government can help you pay any deposit that may be required or have it waived completely.

Please call us first to see what options we can find for your situation.

Fast Move in Without Interruption in Electric Service

When switching or choosing a new move in with Bounce on the Express Move Plan you will guarantee that your electric service is turned on as fast as the utility can drive out and flip the meter on. The Express Move Plan many times only needs to move the service from someone elses name into your name insuring that the electric service remains on but is switched to your name. You can sign up with Bounce Energy on their Express Move Plan by calling 1-800-971-4020


No Deposit Choices and Fast Move In

If you need to be sure that no deposit will be required when signing up on the “Express Move Plan” you once had a choice with Bounce Energy called the “Fresh Start Plan” which would also make sure that Bounce Energy turns your power on regardless of what your credit score is but unfortunately this plan is no longer available. This was a guaranteed no deposit electricity plan but you now have to meet certain minimum credit score requirements to avoid a deposit with Bounce Energy. The only criteria was that you had a valid credit card on file with them so they could deduct your electricity bill charges each month. You would receive a traditional bill but they would auto draft your electricity charges from your card instead of waiting to receive a check. Since this plan was mainly for those with bad credit it allowed Bounce to make sure they received payment on time each month. If you did not have a credit card unfortunately there was no way you would have been able to get on this electric service plan.

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