No Deposit Electricity Companies in Texas

by Donny on April 9, 2009

If you need to sign up with a no deposit electricity company in Texas without getting into something you will regret later on in the service agreement then we want to help compare them for you. By knowing what each no deposit electricity company offers it will help you make an informed decision before you make your move in or switch to a Texas electricity company. So lets look at a few no deposit energy service companies.

No Deposit Guaranteed – Traditional Billing

  • Bounce Energy
    This no deposit electricity company guaranteed that no deposit will be required when signing up for their electric service but they have since discontinued their No Deposit Fresh Start Plan. The TDSP charges were bundled into their electric rate and although your credit was checked they were able to enroll at no deposit when necessary. The first 3 months the electric rate was higher than their normal lower priced plans but if you paid your electric bill on time during those 3 months they would proactively lower your electricity rate to the lowest electricity service plan they offer. Right now their No Deposit Plan has been discontinued in several Texas cities including the Houston area, Dallas area, and North Texas area. Bounce has very low rates for those electricity service customers ok with having their credit checked. The prices right now are in the 9 – 10 cents per kWh range in the Houston area and 8-9 cents a kWh in the Dallas and North Texas area. Some of these electric rates are variable but Bounce tries to keep them in line with the energy market prices instead of raising them on you indiscriminately. You also are billed for the electric service you use instead of having to prepay in advance. We recommend Bounce Energy over the other no deposit electricity choices below even though they may ask you for a deposit. Learn more about Bounce Energy
    or call an energy consultant at 1-800-971-4020

Prepaid Electricity Companies

  • DPI Energy, Legal Name: Current Power and Light LLC, DPI Holdings Inc.
    First month electricity price is very low, 2nd month they raise the price higher.
    After the first month you pay
    19.5 cents a kWh on their month to month rate plan
    17.5 cents a kWh on their 3 month fixed rate plan
    16.0 cents a kWh on their 6 month fixed rate plan
    Additional charges:
    Monthly charge $5.99
    Applicable taxes:
    City Sales Tax:
    Texas Utilities Gross receipts Tax:
    The sales guy said they do not charge TDSP charges which I do not see how this could be true as all providers have to pass through TDSP charges.
    Check for additional TDSP charges on your bill

Anonymous April 9, 2009 at 10:22 am

Thanks for explaining the difference between a prepaid electricity company and traditional billing where they bill you for your actual electric usage and then you pay.

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